Commercial Code Occupancy Classification

  Assembly  such as rooms for civic  social or religious gatherings (seeSection 303): GroupsA-1,A-2,A-3,A-4andA-5.Examples A-1  Movie theater.  A-2 Taverns banquet halls.

 A-3 Community halls-lecture halls-waiting areas. A-4 Swimming pools. Inside and outdoor sports buildings.  A-5 Stadiums.  Generally does not include spaces under 750 sq ft or spaces for less than 50 persons

  Business such as professional office - lab and testing services   -  barber nad beauty shops – kennels etc. (seeSection 304):Group B.

Educational – places used for more than 6 people for learning.  For day care seeSection 305):Group E.

  Factory and Industrial (seeSection 306): such as places for fabrication -processing operations not a hazard – repair operations.

F-2 Low hazard –fabricating with low or non-flammable materials that do not involve significant fire hazard.

 GroupsF-1 Moderate habit andF-2.

  High Hazard (seeSection 307): GroupsH-1,H-2,H-3,H-4andH-5.

Places where controlled quantities of health or flammable liquids, solids or gases hazards are limited as Defined in Sec. 414.Table 307.1(1) and Table 307.1(2) 

Research or testing labs. Possible quantities of agricultural sprays or other chemicals. 

Fireworks or other explosive storage.

  Institutional (seeSection 308): GroupsI-1,I-2,I-3andI-4.

Buildings where care is given to a group of individuals.  Assisted living, nursing homes, group homes, rehabilitation facilities etc.

Mercantile (seeSection 309):Group M.Place for sale or display of merchandise or goods accessible to public. Storage of hazardous material not to exceed Table 414.2.5(1)

Residential (seeSection 310): GroupsR-1,R-2,R-3andR-4. Bording Houses, Dormitories, Group Homes, Building complexes that exceed two attached dwellings  etc.

  Storage (seeSection 311): GroupsS-1andS-2.Buildings used for storage that are not hazardous.  See 311.1.1to limits of SEC 508.2 for accessory storage space spaces less than 100 sq. ft.

  Utility and Miscellaneous (seeSection 312):Group U.

Most agricultural Buildings,  Green Houses, Livestock shelters, Tanks, Towers